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When I was a child I was absolutely sure that God, Jesus Christ, angels and the rest were people like me, like we all are. They were the same children, that eat, sleep and play, cry and laugh, are anger and happy… With the time this faith was disappearing – they said that I was growing and entering the adult life. Once upon a day I woke up in the morning and realized that all those things I trusted in my childhood are just a myth, illusion… They do not exist.

Now I want to look back and open my child that still lives inside me, that lives inside every person. He is just hid in a safe corner. Parents, school and university “did their best” to kill this child, my entity, my essence. Now I want to look at things with my own eyes, now I want to drift to my own nature.

Then an idea occurred to my mind to open this Blog as I thought that other people might have the same questions and ideas about this as I do. Our credo- is seeking for enlightenment. As even a profound and an old wisdom runs as follows: “seek and ye shall find”.

Important: no templates, no standards.

Free you Heart, Mind and Spirit.

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