Here are six areas to explore when you're looking at succeeding in any human endeavor (sports, business, relationships, test-taking, public speaking, and more). You can write your responses to the six steps to accelerate your performance in any way you like.

1. What do you want to accomplish? Explain this in as much detail at possible. IF you like, you can make a list.

2. What have you done already to accomplish this? This may be steps you have already taken or related accomplishments that you've had previously. Explain or list these.

3. What's in the way? What do you know is creating a barrier? If you don't know, you can finish this sentence: "I don't want to ____because." You can keep on asking this until you feel like you've located anything in the way of your accomplishments.

4. What resources do you have within yourself to do this? Take a look at what skills and talents you have that make it possible for you to do what you'd like to do. Finding your resources reinforces your confidence and assures you that since you have already created a high level of accomplishment in another area, you can do it again in this one.

5. Can you imagine yourself as you'd like to be? Explore this in as much detail as possible. See I t, feel it, explore it, or get an impression. Let it become alive in you.

6. Are there any words or phrases that can symbolize your accomplishment? If so, what might they be? Can you put your thumb and index finger together and say your word or phrase to strengthen your intention?

© 2007 Marilyn Gordon

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