Nature and the lessons it has to teach us can reveal a lot about the seven spiritual laws of success. Make an appointment with yourself to spend some time in the natural world open to the lessons that you can learn.

Nature is abundance

As you spend some time immersed in the natural world you will start to appreciate its diversity and complexity. The more you look, the more you will see just how much diversity has been created by nature, how infinitely abundant nature is.

You can see it in the diversity of plants and animals that surround you, in the magnificence and grandeur of scenery, in the vastness of a starry sky over your head, in the breathtaking beauty of a sunrise or a sunset.

As you spend time in nature you will also gain a greater feeling of unity with nature. You will realise that you are in harmony with the laws that govern nature and that these laws will govern your life.

Natural laws apply to your life

At the level of the rational mind the laws of nature are powerful models on which you can base your life. At the spiritual web designer natural laws are a integral part of your existence. Irrespective of your point of view, your life will become more fulfilled and successful as you understand the laws of nature.

Study nature and you will understand the natural laws. Reflect on how they apply in your life. Here are some pointers to help you get started.

Nature left alone is in dynamic balance. Nature has created entire ecosystems where the land, the environment, plants and animals all exist in a dynamic balance each other, each with a perfect role. The metaphor of balance should apply in your life. You need to balance all the different aspects of your life, mind, body, relationships, material existence and spirit.

Nature is cyclical. You can see this in so many different ways at so many different timescales. One cycle we are familiar with seasons – spring, summer, fall, winter. Another is the cycle of life – birth, growth, maturity, reproduction, death. Recognise that much of your life and what you try to do in it is governed by cycles that are mirrored in nature.

Nature is beautiful, grandiose, awesome. You are too

Nature has infinite potential and infinite abundance. Understanding this will remind you of your potential as a human being to create whatever you want from the infinite potential that surrounds you.

Spending time with nature is a spiritually refreshing and uplifting experience. Make time in your life to spend time with nature. You could contemplate the beauty of a garden, a stream or a flower. You spend weeks travelling through nature to become fully immersed in nature’s abundance and potential. Any experience is valid.

The seven spiritual laws of success are built upon natural principles. You can build these natural principles into your life as a bedrock for your path to future prosperity and happiness.

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