Transformation can be seen as a tool for learning. I often say, I won’t go through tough "shit" without learning from it. There is no point to facing what we perceive as death and destruction without growing from that experience. I have heard the phrase, “an unexamined life goes nowhere”.

Transformation forces us to examine our lives. Of course some of us have no choice rather than to confront our “divine chaos” when transformation is triggered by some sort of traumatic event such as divorce, loss of a job, economic hardship, health issues, etc. (All issues that hit me at once!) These events can catapult you into full attention and questioning of your life. Such divine chaos is an opportunity for inner reflection. It’s like the universe is saying “pay attention! I am giving you an opportunity to allow your life to proceed with greater purpose!” Many times, as a result of transformational experiences, fulfilling opportunities arise from this chaos which we otherwise would not have been open to. For example, perhaps “losing my job” forced me into pursuing my own soul inspired and consciously aware business. This is an opportunity I wouldn’t have explored so ambitiously if I was parked into the status quo of my former job.

Transformation does not always need to arise from trauma. It can happen gently and with a subtle intention. The point is that when you resist (even Trekkies know that resistance is futile) the universe continues to insist! This is why it’s important to listen to the subtle cues born of awareness, intuition, instinct, and your inner voice, and then follow up on this awareness with inspired action. Too many times we hear these messages over and over and do nothing. Thus, as in my own case, we get blind sided into real clarity.

The journey requires self awareness. The greatest shift in awareness may stem from our own perception. We have the power to shift our perception… to recreate the story of our existence. What is your story? Are you a spiritual being having a human experience or are you a human being having a spiritual experience? For many, the very acknowledgement of spirit and influence over their own perception can have a deeply transformational impact.

So back to the original question, what is a transformational healing tradition?

I am reminded of the ancient tradition of astrology with its Plutonian concepts of death and destruction as a means to transformation and its chironic reflections (chiron representing the wounded healer) of transformation through the confrontation of one’s innermost wounds. What a beautiful example of a transformational healing tradition.

I am also reminded of Latin American folk healing, a tradition that does not separate the soul from the physical body. In fact the intent of spiritual shamans and Granny healers of the tradition is to reunite the body with the soul, for disease is a manifestation of soul loss arisen from trauma or fear. What greater transformation than to be reunited body and soul! Along the same lines, conventional western healing culture is not devoid of transformational healing. They just use different terminology like “post traumatic stress disorder” and may support transformational healing through counseling and education.

There are many different healing traditions that inspire transformation. I am an herbalist, and I have seen many cases of truly inspiring transformation simply by connecting people with plants and nature and by empowering students to become healers not only to themselves but to their loved ones, their communities, and their planet. Speaking of the planet, I would have to say that we are in the midst of a mass transformation!

What healing traditions have inspired your personal transformations?

By Mimi Hernandez

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