It may surprise you to learn, but changing your mood can be as simple as changing how you are holding your body.

I can fill this article with theory and technical discussion as to why this is, but I would prefer to show you. Just follow along, feel the magic, then send me a comment and let me know how it worked for you. And please, if it worked, send a link to this article to all your friends. As far as I am concerned, no one, I mean no one, need ever sink into a heavy, low state again.

OK, to make this demonstration really effective, begin by putting yourself into a negative state. Bring to mind something that makes you feel anxious, or mad, or sad. Allow yourself to take a moment to do that now.

Great - before we move on please take a moment to take stock. How are you sitting in your chair? Are you slumped over or sitting straight? Are your shoulders relaxed or tight? Are you holding your lips in a smile or a frown?

Now - read the following paragraph, then follow the directions to the letter.

  • Stand up
  • Keep your feet hip distant apart, knees loose.
  • Raise your arms, spread your fingers, look to the sky
  • And smile.

OK - go ahead and do it now, I will wait.

Great, how do you feel? Pretty cool, huh?

OK, time to do it again, only this time, when you are in position (keep that smile on), I want you to try and get those really bad feelings back. Go ahead and try (keeping your arms raised, fingers spread, smile on) to feel bad. Really, really try.

Couldn’t do it, could you?

Enough Said

Enjoy the day

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