10 ways to control your anger - Professional expert’s advice

I am really emotional and excitable person. I think that there are two types of anger: constructive anger and a destructive one. In order to understand the anger phenomenon I decided to investigate the nature of anger, reasons of its appearing, key factors and anger management.

What does it mean this anger? Anger is a strong indignation feeling of our emotional sphere that is attended by self-control losing. Anger is a signal of our state. Glands produce an array of hormones that have a great and deep effect on all our body. The main participants of this process are adrenaline and cortisol. They activate cardiovascular system and consequently all organs. Adrenalin causes fast heart beating, rising blood pressure. These rich oxygenated blood streams to the places are responsible for reaction. Thus some extra energy is released.

There are 4 basic ways of anger expressions:

1. Straight and immediately (verbally or nonverbally) to show your anger. It gives an opportunity to free from the negative emotions.

2. To express anger in an indirect way. In this case usually suffer persons that are weaker, not dangerous and those ones who “come to hand”, usually they are our family and close relatives. Thus we hurt our dear ones. One of the best ways is to express your anger to the person who is the source of this very anger. If it is impossible- better find some compromise.

3. Restraining anger you “drive” it deep inside. So, negative emotions store will provoke a big stress sooner or later.

4. You may foresee situation of anger feeling, try not to expand this feeling but get to know the reason, understand and solve it. A Roman philosopher Seneca said: “When you are feeling of ascending “volcano”- stand still, not doing anything- not speaking, not moving.”

Anger is a normal and natural human feeling, especially nowadays as life is really fast and we have a huge amount of information to accumulate (in comparison with our previous generations). The range of anger is rather wide: from a slight annoyance to impetuous fury. Anger can be quick and long, lasting for years in form of bitterness, vengeance or hate. Anger can lead to health issues like depression, high blood pressure, hearth diseases, stresses, alcohol dependence and obesity. If you are anger- express it. If you feel discomfort from these “negative splashes”- then we can give some techniques how to manage your emotional anger:

  • 1. Take a deep and continuous breath. Count up to 50 or imagine your aggressor just naked, only in socks. This will help you to calm and smile.

  • 2. Have a walk. Look at high sky. Continue to breathe deep and easily. So you appraise the situation and calm down.

  • 3. Do some physical exercises. When you are angry- your body is very tensed and tough. If you stretch your muscles it will relax your body, as you will spill out all your negative energy into action. Your brains will get more oxygen and it assists to clear your thoughts.

  • 4. Write down all your thoughts. Write down that you are mad and why. Avoid being rational, logical or laconic. Write on paper all you are feeling this moment. Try to write all in details. The function of this technique is to shift all your anger out of your head on paper.

  • 5. Be grateful. Find someone to thank. Do you not forget about yourself. Thank that you have woken up today, thank that that the Sun is shining for you, that the sky is blue and the grass is green.

  • 6. Prayer. Ask God to be with you during this anger moment and lead you.

  • 7. Meditation. Close your eyes, look into solar plexus, and be all your anger, breathing deeply.

  • 8. Change of places. Move yourself on your enemy’s place. And look at situation from his point of view. Better look at the situation from the ceiling. Focus on details, especially on funny and absurd ones. Strive to forgive your enemy as well as forgive truly yourself.

  • 9. Go back to your childhood memories. Recollect state when you were angry. Hug this child and say: “All is ok. I am here. You are good child. I love you and I will not leave you.”

  • 10. Your values. What is the most significant thing in your life? Who are the most important people in your life? What kind of person do you want to be? Think and accept that point that you are living your life, and you are living your values. There is a good man inside you that wants to help you. I wish you good luck!

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Monday, March 16, 2009

The Demiurge

The concept of the Demiurge is actually more broad than might be assumed. For most, belief system in the beginning was chaos. A formless or hyper ordered state beyond human comprehension, and the divine being, the first consciousness, tends to dwell in or arise from this.

Now in an effort to understand the consciousnesses that proceeded, our own man sort of intuitively identifies the powers that be. The major players in how the world seems to work. Orthodox Catholics deride this and pantheism, but in fact it is more a sort of deism. An understanding of divine order or God in the machine. One of the things that gets commonly noticed though, is that these guiding forces don’t necessarily seem to be on the same page.

Essentially these first beings could be likened unto the very first observers, but there seem to be two broad orders of observers;

  • Those who remain in touch with the macrocosm.
  • Those that for one reason or another seek to set themselves apart, and declare that “thou shall have no God before me”.

The original state is often compared to water, as it was in the Japanese creation story, and the Indian, and the Bible even. At first everything is pretty much in order, everybody playing their role so to speak, but in the case of the Demiurge (and this being goes by many names) it sought “creation”. To set something apart from the total potential. In a sense it was the first rejection of the oneness that so many schools of mysticism seem to focus on.

What are some of it’s other names? Ah, Samael, Ahriman, Jaldabaoth.

Rejection? Yes, the Demiurge refused to include the other observers and Iao itself called in Chinese belief the Tao. So while it was off being sort of narcissistic (and this issue still exists to this day), it came under the indirect influence of one of the other beings who also goes by many names, and its vision was guided to provide the new creation with a potential it wouldn’t have.

Just because it wouldn’t include them, doesn’t mean they didn’t include it, yes? Exactly, so when the Demiurge was done, it looked at it’s creation and was surprised at how perfect it was, but it wasn’t totally perfect.

Who was he under the influence of? Just before the appointment of Shatian, Jaldabaoth, Ahriman, the separate divinity. The demiurge was guided by Sophia, first wisdom. In Greek the goddess Nox, or night, and thus was there the first period of rest, and that is when the potential of the world was first actualized.

How was it not perfect? Well, the Demiurge wanted a contained system. It wanted it to be limited and perfectly orderly, but it’s peers sought for more. The Demiurge is also known as Baphomet, is hermaphroditic, and it sought to deny humans a comparable power to it’s own and divided the potentials.

Like an ant farm? Yes, and is part of why even to this day people feel like ants.

Yin, yang, male, female, duality, fun? Was successful? Not entirely in eating of the tree of knowledge. And knowledge has been symbolized as a tree in many belief systems, the Norse, the Druidic.

Demiurge would not like humans venturing off into space like we are doing now? No, it doesn’t like that. It is part of why we have had some odd things happen, and people have an inexplicable paranoia regarding aliens and such.

You mean it may have caused accidents? It’s still governing a lot of what I refer to as probability matrixing.

Seeds us with a fear? Yes, but in humanity a seed was planted. A force called chi, kundalini, a force that we are taught to fear.

Someone gave us curiosity though? Yes, the others. The “serpent force” most directly, our reptile brains would have been totally dominant, and basically creative reason beyond us if it weren’t for an intervention. So things went, the orthodox powers that be don’t like their “contradictions” being talked about, the Kabala and such. And Gnosticism is just supposed to be “the work of false prophets”. It even was in the Greek ecclesiarchy before Christianity spread there. Plato was more of the “heretical” strain. Gnostic is what platonic method in teaching was based on, that we have access to knowledge beyond our brains.

Gnosis, life energy, chi? Actually yes. Plato and other Greek mystics were much concerned with a secret fire. Zoroaster was the bearer of this fire to the Persians, and he lead a movement excluding placation of Ahriman who was seen to be the tyrannical harsh petty side of Ahura Mazda, Lord Wisdom, aka Sophia. It is covered in both the fall of Icarus and the story of Prometheus. Prometheus was the bringer of the fire to early man, a Titan from the age before humanity. When he brought the fire from off of the cosmic axis (the world tree again, same image), Mount Olympus, he was villanized. When man later would seek to explore this fire, fly into the field of awareness, a.k.a. the astral plane. The Demiurge reinforces the limits of the human brain, making it mistranslate what it encounters and make mistaken decisions. In the metaphorical case fly too close to the sun.

Fear? Yes, always fear.

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