The Rays and their qualities

As we have seen, each of the seven rays is a divine energy or quality:
1st ray: expresses will or power
2nd ray: expresses love and wisdom
3rd ray: expresses active intelligence
4th ray: expresses beauty or harmony through conflict
5th ray: expresses concrete intelligence or science
6th ray: expresses idealism or devotion
7th ray: expresses order or ceremonial magic
All beings in the solar system "belong" to one or several of the seven rays - each individual has a personality ray, a ray of the physical body, a ray of the emotional body, a ray of the mental body, a soul ray and a monadic ray, and thus his spiritual structure is really a mixture of different ray qualities, expressing themselves through his various bodies or vehicles.

As perfected beings, we will express the qualities of one of the seven rays primarily. For instance, Hilarion is the Chohan (Master) of the 5th ray which gives him a major responsibility with inspiring scientific work on this planet, while Morya is the 1st ray Chohan, and has the task of inspiring and guiding leaders, politicians and statesmen to see and follow the right visions and make the right decisions in accordance with the Great Plan for the Earth. Maitreya and Kuthumi work on the 2nd ray - the ray of the teacher - of love and wisdom, and therefore with religion and education. The Christ spirit is the essence of all true religions on this planet.

Religions are guidelines for evolving humanity

Theosophy sees itself as a synthesis of science, religion and philosophy, and seeks to show the similarities in the world's religions, knowing that all religions are given from the Hierarchy as a teaching to humanity, adapted to humanity's culture and stage of development at any given time. The religions express the same divine truths in their core - as much as humanity is ready to assimilate at that moment. For instance, Gautama Buddha showed humanity how to gain freedom from desire by transmuting it to aspiration and desire for wisdom and understanding, while Christ taught us about the importance of love, forgiveness and compassion as a means to achieve peace in the world and to reach the Kingdom of God, i.e. the state of consciousness of an initiate, the Nirvana of Buddhism. In modern time this is being realized more and more, and there is a strong tendency towards the common understanding, that the God of all religions is the same, and the goal of all religions also the same, namely to establish love, brotherhood and right human relations on this planet, and this shows the great progress which humanity has made in the past centuries, the strong effects of the sufferings of the past 2,000 years and the strong, spiritual energies which are now flowing to the planet.

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