I as well as the whole of human kind always raise eternal questions of what does it mean this thing love, where does happiness begin, what am I, what is my real nature. Here it is an endeavor to give answers. Our hearts strive to find this very paradise, the place where our spirits are in harmony with themselves and with the whole Universe.

Each of us begins with our human body conception and birth and each breath is a real miracle. It is a precious gift. Now I want to understand this important mission of the human kind. When I start to consider upon this, all my thoughts turn towards God as the creator; to tell you the truth I do not know who he is, but want to understand it. Orthodox and Catholics call him God, Muslims- Allah, Asia- Buddha. I see him as the Light of the Truth and Pure Energy. Also I turn to my soul or spirit as the projection of his, the Divine one. In order to perform this thinking I need absolute, deep and firm belief, based on full cognition. In addition to this faith there is a need of a meditative state. I want to calm all my vanity, so I can catch the moment in hands. Some religions call them prayers, some meditations. It is just matter of language, we hope for day to come when all people speak one and the same language- they all will call God in one and the same word. And if I calm myself, then I will have an opportunity to activate my intuition thus I can be myself. I can look inside me, into my inner, spiritual world. Thus I will hear the melody of my heart. As what is inside the same is outside, up the same is down. Close your eyes, look at your solar plexus and see what you feel there. If it is love- be all love, if it is hate- be all hate, happiness- be all happiness, anger- be all anger. Do not be ashamed to express your feelings, just become completely one with this feeling. Thus you are yourself. Thus you are free. This is a uniqueness of your being as a person on this Earth. You come into this world like tabula rasa, white sheet, nothing is written on it. You are free to do as you wish. It is your creation. Freedom is your essence, it is your spirit. If you deny your freedom, you deny all treasure and become mendicant. If you accept your freedom, your life turns into an adventure, a discovery. You discover love. When you meet love, your life regains purpose and poetry. Not knowing love, you are not able to dance, celebrate, be grateful or pray. Love is in high sky. To love means to live in the clouds.

Where is your Paradise? One wise man stated- it is right here. Do not go far away – as it is near, just open your eyes, awake from your sleep and see what surrounds you- this is your Paradise, when you know people, understand their thoughts, share your feelings – this world is called Paradise. Open your soul to the miracle, to the simple and natural miracle, just be happy when you open your eyes in the morning and see the shining Sun out of your window. Every new day is like a new start.

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