What we eventually experience as dis-ease and later as illness actually begins in the "spiritual dominion" and becomes a by-product or mirror of our relationship with our soul, our mind, body, and emotions. The body is merely a reflecting mirror of any dis-ease or illness that starts as a spiritual deficiency and later impacts the mind, body, and emotions. To reach the root causes of any dis-ease or illness we are challenged to first concentrate on how to balance the health between our spirit, our mind, body, and emotions. This is where the investigation should begin, in my opinion, because it's also here that many cycles of dis-ease and illness begin to repeat themselves. To ignore this situation is to ignore the cure.

In Part I of this Article, we'll focus on Spirituality and touch briefly on Meditation. In Part II, we'll come back and talk more in detail about the power of Meditation and why it's an essential practice for anyone who desires to grow spiritually. I hope these two Articles will give you a good foundation upon which to later understand the intricate relationship between dis-ease, illness, and spirituality.

Part I - Spirituality

Understanding "Spirituality" is really very simple. It's our relationship between our soul and God. We can call God by any name we want: Source, Creator, God, Allah, or Sat Purush, it really doesn't matter. The name doesn't change the eternal attributes of God. The fact of the matter is that we can call God by any name, but the most important question is what kind of relationship do we each have with whatever we call that power?

Since we're all spiritual beings living a human existence, we're already engaged in a very robust and powerful relationship with God. We may not be receptive to having our very existence in God, but that doesn't cancel that relationship. Unfortunately, we do not live in an enlightened society, community, or nation, so many of us have been cut-off from the "Esoteric" teachings that detail our relationship with God and lack the knowledge necessary to have a conscious contact of our soul with God. God is an unlimited being of conscious and there's no difference between God and our soul. We're the same as God and that's where "Spirituality and Meditation" begin to converge and complement each other.

The question becomes, how can we experience our soul and experience God while we're still alive in this physical body? There's two parts to this answer. But, first, I'd like to say that we can definitely experience God long before the death of our physical body. The soul never dies! Never!! It's only the physical body that dies, but none of us need wait until death to have a conscious contact with God. God has designed each and every human being to realize our soul and verify God's true existence.

The first answer is we must take clear steps to realize ourselves as the soul. That means establishing a regular meditative practice that will enable us to separate our soul from the physical body (voluntarily) and become as subtle as God then we can experience ourselves as the soul. During that experience, we're voluntarily out of the physical body. That's when we're in our subtle form and behold ourselves as the soul in its' full radiance. Moreover, we clearly and accurately experience the non-physical realities of God's existence. This meditative technique that allows us to voluntarily leave the physical body has also been called: "Dying While Living."

The second answer deals with learning to remove the heavy coverings and layers of density (mind, matter, and illusion) that surround our soul and prevent us from having this fully conscious contact of our soul with God. These layers block our ability to grow and accelerate spiritually and thus hinder our experience with God's true existence, but once these layers are removed, we soar far beyond the limitations of the physical body and have a really high super-conscious awareness of our soul with God. Removing these layers is the work we all have to do on a daily basis to grow spiritually.

All of us are fully capable of having a conscious contact of our soul with God. We just lack the "Esoteric" knowledge of how to meditate correctly and accurately in order to leave an out-of -the-physical body experience at will. We can definitely experience our soul with God long before the physical body dies. God designed us that way and someone who considers themselves to be really smart and intelligent would, I imagine, take advantage of their own inherent spiritual abilities. That's it!

Spirituality is very simple. It deals with having a conscious experience of our soul with God. That experience happens when our soul is released from the physical body and we travel through the higher spiritual regions too where God resides in its' ultimate state of subtle beauty. Since our soul is of that same essence as God, we only have to remove the layers that surround our soul and block us from growing spiritually.

In the second Article, I'll explain the different meditative levels and related techniques and explain which techniques are essential for experiencing our soul with God.

This article was written by Raymond Holmes for Breakout Betty. Breakout Betty is an interactive online magazine created specifically for Women, ages 18 and over, with acne-prone skin that discusses a holistic approach to healing acne and is psychological affects. To find out all that Breakout Betty has to offer, visit us at http://www.breakoutbetty.com

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