Defining what is true to you is not a finite spiritual axiom. Your spiritual growth allows you to change what is true to you as you experience different perspectives about life. The spirituality information that you believe as true one day can change the next day because of your experience. Your truths can only come from your experience.

All too often we discount the truth of our experience and simply accept the words of others as our own truth. Even though our experience tells us one thing we sometimes hear what other people tell us about a certain topic and believe what they tell us because they are somehow in a position of authority. We grant them a position of authority because our societal conditioning says that is what we are supposed to do. Is that your truth?

Authority figures in our society typically are recognized because of some external trait such as being rich or being the boss or an institutional title, such as a teacher or principle, or a religious leader or government official.

Let me give you an example. We hold in our value system in this country of the United States of America, as well as most of the countries of the world, that we have the right of free speech. Free speech is inherent to our system of democracy and it is one of the cornerstones of our constitution. We believe, and we hold as truth, that each and every citizen is free to speak their own truths as a demonstration that all voices and opinions have value and contribute to our overall freedom and democracy. When we define free speech within our own parameters, most of us would say that we are free to speak and write whatever we choose. That is our belief. Human beings speak and write our strongly held opinions. When we think of money, we don't usually ascribe the characteristic to money that it has the ability to speak or write. Money is an inanimate object that is used as a medium of exchange for value rendered. We know from our own experience that money, as an object, and our own opinions, expressed in form through our speech, are two entirely different concepts. That is our experience. That is what we know to be true. (Unless you don't). That is what we claim democracy is all about. Each person in the democracy has equal voice as to how the democracy is run and ultimately how it affects each and every life in the democracy. The Supreme Court of the United States of America has told us that money is the same as free speech. We have been told that the dollar bill you take out of your wallet, or the ten thousand dollar check that is written out to the politician of your choice, has the same value as your written or spoken word. Do you believe that? It is a law of the land. It has been told to us that this is true. Is that your experience of money? Is it your experience that a piece of paper with some pictures and writing on it has the same value as the words that you express that come from your innermost thoughts and aspirations? It is entirely your choice whether you believe this to be true or not. Everything that we choose to believe or not believe is a choice. The question we must ask ourselves is, Are we making our choices consciously or unconsciously?The second question we must ask is, Does this serve me? Are we making conscious decisions that affect our lives, or are we accepting the word of others as our own truths and conditioning ourselves to accept our unconscious choices that affect every facet of our lives? We have been told that money has the same voice and value, perhaps more, than your own personal opinion. These are words that we are told. Our experience is something different than that. Which is true? That is up to you to decide. Is your own experience of money and speech the truth, or are the words of the Justices of the Supreme Court true? Here is the kicker question: What serves me? Does it serve me to believe that money is speech? Does it serve me to believe that money is not speech? Only you can answer those questions for yourself.

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