The first step is to really look at what is going on in your life, what is working and what is not working. Take the time and give yourself a life review. Get a notebook and list the most important aspects of your life, such as health, finances, relationships and fun. Under each topic write what is working and what you want that is not there at the present time. Be honest with yourself. This simple life review takes you out of denial. When you continue to live in denial, you recreate the pains of the past. Over and over again, the same or very similar patterns show up in your life. As you follow this simple life review process, you begin to accept what is really going on in your life. Then you have a choice to change or correct the pattern. This conscious choice will begin to dissolve the old pattern and you actually are free to create a new experience for this part of your life.

Exercise: Take a moment and go inside your emotional body to a situation that caused the upset of this old pattern. Next accept how you feel when you think about this situation and pattern. Surrender the feeling and consciousness of this past experience. This takes you out of denial and begins the evolutionary path to the life you desire.

Second step is to claim the truth. When you stand and claim the truth, you put forth the truth into motion. This is energy in motion and is very powerful and will create a new life path. Jesus spoke in the Aramaic language which is a language of vibration that creates instant energy. The word Ameyn in Aramaic when used in the beginning of a statement means. I say unto you. This is the claiming process. You are sending a new vibration to the universe. The universe always give you what you are sending out or believe.

Exercise: Stand and claim the truth. Speak to the Universe by saying: I say unto you_____________fill in the blank with what you choose to experience. Repeat this statement over and over and you will continue to raise your frequency. This will allow you to continue to release more and more of the past and embrace a new vibration which is a new life of happiness and fulfillment.

Third and final step is to live the truth. Now that you have completed the two previous steps, this one will be easy and effortless. Because you proclaimed the truth, you are a new frequency and vibration, therefore,you will automatically have a different experience. More of your Sacred Self will be expressing through you into life. Living the truth is a demonstration of the higher frequency you claimed and broadcast to the universe.

Truth: Your actions reveal you intentions. As you follow these 3 steps, your intentions become very clear to the universe and they will be revealed effortlessly in your actions. You will have changed, evolved and will be happy with yourself and your life.

I am so excited to share this incredible and very simple way to your happiness and fulfillment.
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