spiritual marathonMany people want spiritual life to be very easy. They want to be with a guru for few years and then start their own dabba of spiritual life. I know a person who grows long hair, walk with out slippers, wear khaddi clothes, will drink milk and think he is spiritual. There is nothing wrong in doing it. But in the office he is like a politician who screw’s up people’s life. The moment his work is finished there is no sense of gratitude in him. He will sleep with available women. He wants to start an ashram and be the next modern guru.

Most of the modern guru do not stress on practice or conduct. The reason is these two will put many people in lot of difficulties. Suppose some one were to sit for 3 hours every day for meditation, will he /she have time for any thing else in life. Definitely no. It will become boring after a point. Most people use meditation as a stress buster, which helps them to relax. It is also an escape from the dark realities of life.

When rishis and munis took years and years of tapasaya to attain god how come with just so called understanding and with just listening to discourse one can reach god? For example Olympic champions take minimum 8 – 10 years of practice to win a medal. How come attaining god is much easier than drinking coffee.

Spirituality is a marathon and few only survive the whimps of time. Many people shifted their job or place and with that spiritual life got over. Many people changed the so called practice it was over. The change of conduct and reflection will make us aware how we can screw up our own happiness.

Any way if you can meditate for 3 hours for next 108 days in one way or the other then you can say that you are in spiritual line. Other wise just do not waste time in calling your self spiritual. People compare themselves their guru with yogananda or yukeswar giri etc. These people had very less disciples. Hardly 10 –12. Even in their best time it was less than 100.

Real spiritual life is like doing PhD. very few people can go up to the level and very few people will get a good guide and in that very few get a noble prize.

Many of the so called siddhas have meditated in the caves for more 12 years 30 years etc. there fore to think realization with out practice only few spiritual genius can attain. For ordinary people it is path of hard work and persistence.

By Chennai Based K.B.Golpalakrishnan

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