Public artist Martin Firrell is to challenge modern Britain with an innovative art project at one of London’s most famous landmarks.

Firrell has unveiled a new art project involving St Paul’s Cathedral which aims to challenge modern Britain on issues of spirituality.

Commissioned by the Cathedral, ‘The Question Mark Inside’ intends to cultivate debate on the issue of spirituality in Britain’s multi-faith society by asking ‘What does St Paul’s mean to you?’

The public are being invited to contribute their thoughts, experiences and meditations on the St Paul’s website, which will serve as inspiration for the creation of a series of text projections to light up the London skyline in November 2008.

The Cathedral building will take on a new life, re-coloured midnight blue and lead the viewer into conversation through Firrell’s characteristically provocative statements.

Firrell said, "I want to take the public on a journey. You begin by adding your voice to the project via the website, then in November you’ll see a series of single words lighting up the Dome.

"You draw closer, feeling a sense of connection and ownership of the statements projected onto this fascinating landmark.

"Then you are drawn into the building, to the spiritual heart of the Cathedral, where you’ll read the conclusion of the piece on the famous Whispering Gallery surrounded by the breath-taking beauty of the Cathedral."

The installation will celebrate the 300th anniversary of the completion of the Cathedral and will serve to remind Londoners and visitors to the city, of the beauty and importance of St Paul’s by bringing it closer to their hearts.


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