Many thanks to Dr. R.A.R. Perera (Island, 2.7.2008) for giving readers a glimpse into the psychological aspects of dying. Death as we often forget is the only certain thing in life and different religions, which try to provide the guidelines for living treat this certainty in different ways. For example, Buddhism deals with the phenomenon by teaching the Marananussati Bhavanava (the contemplation on the certainty of Death).

Theistic religions view this as a communion with the Maker. But as Dr. Perera has brought to our notice there are some common factors in the psychology of dying people which the near and dear have to understand and he has given some guidelines to follow which will help everyone (irrespective of religious beliefs)in this regard.

Other medical practitioners no doubt will have their own experiences on this crucial matter which let us hope they will share with us readers.

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