Due to the theory of transurfing our world represents a dual mirror. From the one side there is a usual to us reality, from the other one- boundless space of variants. Rich space of these variants is such an informational field that keeps safely all the scenarios of past, present and future, thus it knows what was, is and will be. Theoretically you may perform any scenario into life you like.
A human being charmed by this mirror thinks that reflection in this very mirror is the true reality. He looks in the mirror, but his life goes on the beaten track: no surprises, no stunning coincidences and no desperate flights. If amateur of illusions does not like anything in this mirror, he tries by all means to change the mirror. Why? There is one rule of transurfing: if you want to change the reflection - change its image. Do not ask, do not press for something, but create it.

Slides bring some distortions into reality. A bright example of it is "rose-coloured glasses". Through rose-coloured glasses life seems to be in sugar-well light. Perhaps you are familiar with the slide of "inferiority complex". Through these slides life seems to be angular, thorny and people around you always chuckle on your defects. Transurfing offers to replace negative slides to positive ones.
A positive slide is an imaginary and ideal picture of reached goal. It is rather better to replay this slide regularly and with pleasure in your consciousness. Step by step you will see that your scenario is putting into practice and your subconsciousness has constant positive emotions. You will see and feel this world in the light of these emotions. Don't be lazy to devote about 20 minutes a day to your positive slide. All efforts alongside with the aspiration and desire to act will bring you to the real miracle.
There is one interesting sort of slide. With the help of this slide you can make your piece of dual mirror comfortable and cosy. There is a set: "my world does take care of me". It is enough to remind to yourself several times a day this postulate and consequently dual mirror soon reflects a new reality designed by you. Thus you give a new quality to your world. Agree that is so nice to be always in a good mood and positive thinking. You can work on it and it becomes the second nature of you or your habit.

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