Step1: The Basis.

All things, as we currently know them, are the products of myriad Universal processes which have been at work for eons; much, much longer than mankind has existed on planet Earth.

That should tell us that each step along the way, each part of the process, each species, each experience is part of the overall process of Universal growth.

Step2: Before Mankind.

Until mankind's entry in the cycle of life on earth, all life was in complete subjection to the Universal Laws which had been governing and controlling the process for ages and ages.

Step3: Mankind's Entry.

When mankind entered the scene, he ultimately emerged (evolved?) with the capability of making personal and individual choices about how life was to be lived. With that capability came the power to question and even to resist the Universal Laws themselves.

As history has shown, mankind has not always chosen to keep, or even to acknowledge some of those Universal Laws.

Step4: The Irony.

The irony comes when we begin to understand that mankind may actually not be in as much control as he perceives himself to be. Universal Laws cannot be broken, else all things will end. Thus, our behavior (as resistant to some of that Law as it may be on the surface), cannot significantly disrupt the much grander processes at work carrying those Laws out.

Even if mankind succeeds in destroying himself, Universal Law will continue to govern, and will undoubtedly move ever so smoothly to the next necessary step in the process of growth.

Step5: The Paradox.

To think that mankind is the end-result of billions of years of growth is to think that God (our Creator, caretaker and the author of Universal Laws) is finished with His work on earth.

I, for one, don't think God is done yet; not until we've collectively reached that point of understanding...that level of spirituality where we all accept His will in our hearts, and have learned and demonstrated how to fulfill it.

Step6: The Conclusion.

When mankind finally learns to truly love one another and fully embrace peace and harmony and giving and forgiving and treating others as we'd like to be treated ourselves, I believe God will be pleased.

Until then, we'll keep stumbling, but maybe that's all part of the growing-pains!

May God bless and help us all!

By w1z111

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