CERN’s LHC (Large Hadron Collider) was launched today in a quest to look for God. Well they don’t exactly use those words to describe this monumental project, I do. This project began on paper over 20 years ago with construction starting in 1996. It was completed and launched successfully today. What does this have to do with new age spirituality you ask? This project is where science and spirituality will once again come back together as one.

CERN which is acronym for it’s French name of Conseil Europeen Pour Recherche Nuclear or European Organization For Nuclear Research. It began in 1954 consisting of physicists from 20 European countries but has since become a worldwide collaboration. It’s major focus of research is nuclear physics. One of many notable results of this collaboration has been the Internet which was designed by Tim Berners-Lee, a CERN scientist, who created it out of the need for information sharing between scientists.

In simplified terms the LHC is the a giant scientific experiment that is basically trying to recreate the conditions of the universe just after the big bang. They are sending these hadrons or particles in opposite directions to have them collide with each other. The resulting effect is where they hope to discover the answers to the origins and workings of the universe.

In the last 150 or so years the world has adopted science as the new trusted source for determining what’s real. Science works on the premise that if it can’t be seen and reproduced in a lab, than it’s not real. We have come to rely on science as the ultimate truth supplier. Science knows that there are unseen elements like magnetism, gravity and so called dark-energy where the effects can be measured, but not seen. They also know that most of the universe is made up of this unseen energy.

Science has known that there is some kind of invisible force field that holds everything together. It is called the “Higgs field” along with the “Higgs boson” named by Peter Higgs who formulated this explanation of the missing unseen item. It is also called the “God particle.”

They are also looking for hidden dimensions to help explain concepts like the weakness of gravity and do particles enter these hidden dimensions only to reappear. Sounds woo-woo to me.

Spirituality is based on the belief in things that are unseen. Truths that are taken on faith alone. In other words, blindly. Unscientifically proven to be real.

One of new age spirituality’s basic concepts is that everything in the universe is connected by an invisible web. Another is that there is more to our reality than the 3D world that we can see. That there are more dimensions that are layered on top. Dimensions, where there are forces at work that determine our experience in the physical world. That we can connect and interact with these unseen dimensions to alter the events of our lives. Sounds woo-woo huh? Have you read anything about the LHC or what’s happening in quantum physics lately?

Physicists have been talking about this kind of stuff for some time but has mostly been theory. The LHC is the best chance they have had so far to be able to see these unseen connectors and hidden dimensions. They have made some amazing “guesses” but have many gaps in the overall picture. A lot of physicists have been working their whole careers to have something like the LHC experiment that could either fill in those gaps or send them back to the drawing board.

I know that we are connected. I know that their are more dimensions than the ones we can see. Can I prove it? No. Do I need proof? No. I know that the glue that holds everything in the universe together is spirit or God or the universal energy called love. I know I can interact with the unseen dimensions to affect my physical world. My passion is that the world can see what I see. Know what I know. Feel what I feel. Will science give everyone the proof that we seem to need with this experiment?

Before there was science, there was only faith. We believed in the existence of the unseen without the need for repeatable proof and many still do. If you really listen to science and compare it to new age concepts there is a striking similarity. They are saying the same things but using different words.

I am cheering for the scientists at CERN. I am hoping that they find the answers that they seek. It is time to put science and spirituality together on the same page. It’s time for humanity to get on the same page. I am hoping this experiment will take the woo-woo of science and the woo-woo of new age spirituality and together it will form the final piece that is needed for the awakening that I so passionately desire for all of us.

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