Previously, a brief examination of likely mainstream candidate for alternative spirituality took place. Ideal characteristics for a spirituality to gain popular support are as follows…

First, it has to make sense. Taking certain perspectives or being asked to believe on pure faith without any kind of observation, fact, or scientific process seems almost barbaric. Unfortunately, this is exactly what many of the current doctrines preach, faith based on trust, on ancient, improvable history. Shamanism is not an institution asking for money. It is offering an opportunity for you to find your own truth.

Secondly, the science of the soul needs to be understood by the process of practicing the belief. The ayahuasca ritual is actually easily explained chemically. The main ingredient is DMT, Di-methyltryptamine. It is a chemical found in trace amounts in the human brain, and in each mammalian brain it has been tested for. This chemical is released in massive quantities by the pineal gland, the most ancient part of the brain, during death or near death experiences. It is theorized to take place during birth, and has been conjectured to be the physical explanation of how the soul enters and leaves the body. Each experience in near death is very similar to the experience of artificially taking DMT. Each person goes through some kind of tunnel, or passage, and frequently feels the presence of an entity. The position of the skull for where the dmt is released at coincides with the location of the third eye. The most ancient religion still in massive practice, Hinduism, uses a red dot to symbolize the location.

When taken via the Ayahuasca ritual, it’s thought that the soul leaves the body, and the consciousness of the body experiences both worlds; the now, and the hereafter. Each experience is visually similar, but emotionally distinct because of the personal self truth revelation. For these reasons, ranging from dissatisfaction with mainstream canned beliefs, as well as the scientific explanations and benefits associated with shamanism and it’s primary ritual, the Ayahuasca ritual, it’s no wonder there is a rising surge of seekers looking for their own truth through this new and potent journey.

By Shea Dunda

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