The quality of our life significantly depends on our mental and physical state of health. We have realized how important healthy food and physical activities are for our body. But we still underestimate the significance of our sleep process…

Sleep deprivation causes fatigue, irritation and low productivity. All these decrease your immune system and create perfect conditions for other diseases. Here are some tips to make your sleep deep and sound.
  1. Try to get up at a regular time even during the weekends.

  2. Go to bed only when you feel you are in a sleepy state but not too late - it is so easy to waste sleepless hours.

  3. If you cannot fall asleep during 20 minutes, leave your bedroom and do some chores. Do not allow yourself to fall asleep in another room. Go back to your bedroom when you are sleepy. Repeat the following as many times as it is needed during the night.

  4. Use your bedroom only for sleep, sex or when you get ill and need to stay in bed.

  5. Avoid irregular napping. If you feel you need it try to do it at a regular time and don’t nap more than one hour. The perfect time for napping is about 3 p.m.

  6. Organize a relaxing ritual before going to bed. It can be a warm bath, 10-minute reading or you can have some food to enhance your sleep. Avoid eating much before going to bed!

  7. Everybody knows that exercising provides a good night's sleep. But make sure you exercise in the morning or afternoon, not at night, to see the benefits while you dream.

  8. Do not drink or eat something containing caffeine 6 hours before sleep.

  9. Do not drink alcohol beverages when you feel sleepy or if you take some soporific draught. Even a little doze of alcohol combined with your fatigue can cause a big effect.

  10. Avoid smoking before going to bed or during the night.

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