Spirituality for me is to ‘believe’ in the power of the universe and accept nature as a gift.

Nature is the origin of creating music and I feel music
is literally a way of life, perhaps much more than that. Spirituality for me is a way of understanding the whole of life around me. In that sense, I am ‘naturally’ spiritual. The beauty I see and feel in nature inspires and influences my compositions. Our natural surroundings are so immaculately magical that I believe that God lives in nature.

My genesis is Buddhism and Shintoism. Visiting places of worship is a way of spiritually enhancing me and that can be strongly felt in my music. Beauty of any form can be experienced, be it a place of worship or anywhere else, till one learns to feel nature around him. I have spent a lot of time learning new things about myself and how I compose my music is also achieved through inner peace. My music is deeply rooted in the traditions and mystical sensibilities of the East.

I don’t feel compelled to wear any lucky charms. My composition and music is my amulet, my lucky charm and the mantra for love and peace. The beauty in nature inspires me so much that the music I create makes me communicate with my inner self and I guess that is the ‘highest power’ I would always love to turn to. I don’t live by any set philosophies per se. For me, music is not a job. There isn’t much religious character in my music either.

But I do believe that music is my mission through which I want to communicate a message of world peace. Currently, I have a strong belief in my inner self and in the nature that surrounds all of us.

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