If you are like how most of the world is today, when you hear of the words spirituality or spiritual life, you probably associate them with recluse yogis sitting in a cave or celibate monks wearing robes. We are living in a time when most people don’t even prefer to talk about the word spirit in public as its considered too controversial. Somehow people around the world has grown to believe that a spiritual life is based on giving up all fun and freedom and living in solitude and sacrifice. The truth is very far away! Interestingly, as one day you will realize, a true spiritual life is not only one you enjoy divine ecstasy, but also it opens up doors that brings freedom most people cannot even dream of.

While there are many faiths that take many roads of understanding, basic spirituality is simple and is based on the following principles:

a. There is an omnipotent intelligence that is the source of this universe.

b. All creation is created from this Infinite Intelligence or the Great Spirit.

c. There is a reason for all things that happen and a purpose for this universe to exist.

d. Very simply put the reason is evolution. The universe evolves itself from lower states of intelligence and energy to the higher and higher levels until it merges back with the infinite Intelligence that created it.

e. Humans have always felt disconnected from this divine intelligence or God. Trying to distract themselves from the pain of separation (or more appropriately unawareness), humans have struggled in many different ways. Some of these less than fruitful ways are controlling others, trying to dominate over people, food, alcohol, sex, drugs etc.

f. When we begin to focus again on reestablishing our connection with God, we experience a real sense of bliss, freedom and peace.

g. When we experience this amazing bliss and freedom, we are automatically driven to help others experience the same.

In a nutshell, this is what a spiritual life is about.

Interestingly, as people awaken, they discover that there are many deeper forces that shape their lives! These invisible forces slowly begins to bring about many beneficial circumstances and events in your life without you even asking for it. These are the miracles or serendipities that people on a spiritual journey commonly seem to experience and talk about. As you awaken more and more spiritually through focus, discipline and dedication, the miracles and serendipities keep happening in ever greater extents. It’s almost like God takes on an active interest in your everyday life to fulfill your desires. No prayer is too small, no wish is too insignificant. In the most perfect ways, all wishes and prayers come true. Something that is beyond the wildest dreams of most people, you begin to enjoy a freedom that is simply incredible!

When we look at the yogis on a mountain or monks in the monasteries what we do not realize is that we are looking at someone who has given up the transitory material gains for a kingdom of heavenly treasures. Someone who has exchanged our false sense of earthly freedom with an eternal freedom beyond time and space. Someone who has sacrificed trivial earthly pleasures for divine ecstasy! When you see it this way, you suddenly realize how absurd is the idea of our materialistic lifestyle exchanging our entire lives paying for our credit cards and mortgages. A spiritual life does not dictate that you cannot have material riches and comfort. You can keep or make whatever riches you want to and still be very intensely focused on a spiritual path, yet sometimes it makes no sense to carry all the material chains that our societies bound us with.

A true spiritual life allows you to gradually prepare your heavily programmed mind to see beyond the material obvious and perceive the higher truths. Slowly you begin to understand the deeper laws of the universe and use them in your own life. When you get there, your life becomes filled with real magic and miracles. The whole universe seems to conspire to help you achieving your dreams. For now your dreams have become the dreams of the universe . The dreams of God.

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