Abundance exists all around you; leaves on the trees, blades of grass in the fields, insects, birds, air, earth, water in the ocean, cells in your body, atoms in the cells, and on and on. In the world of form, there is unlimited abundance. So, there's no need to "create abundance" because, in truth, abundance is all there is. What you can do, however, is create abundance in the forms that you choose, such as financial income.

The key to manifesting abundance for yourself is to begin by identifying and being grateful for the abundance that is already in your life. Even if you are in dire straits, you can certainly be grateful for the air that you breathe through your lungs, for being alive, having your health, being able to walk, see, or hear. Simple things that we tend to overlook can be seen as abundance in our lives such as a having cup of tea and a sandwich for lunch. As you begin to be thankful for the abundance that already is, you will begin to naturally attract more abundance to you in the forms that you intend.

Manifesting abundance begins with a thought. Once the creative thought is determined, you'll want to add some positive, heart-based emotion to that thought just as you would water a germinated seed. For example, if your creative thought is to start a new business venture, then you'll want to be filled with excitement and joy at the possibility of making this simple thought a reality. That's the second step; emotion.

The third part of the manifesting equation is visualization. Begin and end each day by spending a few minutes in a quiet, meditative state where you are visualizing your new business grow, take off, and become a success. Visualize your customers or clients, and your interaction with them. Visualize your bank account increasing from $5,000 to $10,000 to $50,000 to $100,000 until you reach a number that you're happy with. Remember, when it comes to manifesting, the sky is the limit.

The fourth element in the manifesting equation is to take action. This begins by having a solid, practical, and organized plan to take your business from start to success. So, you'll want to begin writing down all of your ideas and then reviewing them. Goal-setting with dates is also very important. Make sure you separate short-term goals from long-term goals.

After these four steps are completed, you'll be ready to apply the fifth and most important step of the equation; belief. Without belief, the prior four steps will not matter. You have to believe in your creative thought in order for it to become your reality. This means not reacting or resisting to temporary failures or setbacks. Every new venture will always show signs of failure, usually on every major step of the way. Belief will allow your mind to stay focused on the here and now and not be deluded by what may or may not happen in the future. As long as your business is still up and running, you will always have the potential for success, no matter how bad things seem to be.

And so, the law of manifesting equations is as follows: thought + emotion + visualization + action + belief = manifested reality. Personal Life Coach, Jason Lincoln Jeffers, is the founder of The Art of Transformation, a company devoted to teaching Self Realization to the world. His Personal Life Coaching practice uniquely synthesizes ancient spiritual wisdom with ego transcendence, wellness coaching, predictive astro-analysis, pain-body counseling, heart-based manifestation, and relationship coaching.

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