How to forgive those who betrayed us, deceived, hurt, brought sorrow?

Main points:

  • To forgetis not the way out. If someone hurt you – is useless to pretend that nothing did happen. Must not swallow an insult.

  • Forgiveness needs some time. Too fast forgiveness is illusory and might be aimed at you sooner or later.

  • Forgiveness –is your internal work. Is not easy, but finally makes you free and gives power to live.
Often we forgive someone for their words or actions, but there are cases when it is hard (really impossible) to forgive that one, who hurt us to the innermost of our heart. Cruel parents, a man that attacked you or a driver that knocked down your near relations- all these need a huge internal work to forgive them. This is a long and not easy way. For ones – is a brave deed, for another – is a frank admission of their weakness, as they would prefer to take vengeance… Forgiveness does not go without saying. However, who tried and did forgive their offenders say that this step gave them liberation, release and filled their lives with new energy.

Forgiveness really releases us from sufferings, pain, anger, scorn or spite. Does not matter whether someone begs for your forgiveness or we forgive unsolicited, this decision is always the result of complex internal work. And it is being unknown the result of this work. We may want to forgive somebody, but it does not mean that we will be able to forgive… This process is unconscious and the result does not depend on size of offend rather than on our emotional experience. For example, two abandoned children would have two different destinies. Perhaps, one child would treat life as permanent struggle; another one would take it for lost battle. And this depends whether they can forgive their parents or not.

The histories of forgiveness are unique and numerous. In spite of the fact, we tried to summarize the main stages on the way that we are going through to feel the forgiveness.

To be continued...

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