Cosmic laws: The Law of reincarnation, the law of evolution and the law of karma
Apart from the teachings about the structure of the universe and the function of the Earth's Hierarchy, Theosophy describes in great detail a number of universal laws which govern our lives, as well as the lives of lesser and great beings. One of them is the law of reincarnation which simply says that human beings (as well as many other life forms) go through many cycles of physical incarnations in order to evolve, gain experience and grow, until a state of perfection is achieved. When we have learnt all there is to learn in the physical realm, we become a Master of wisdom and graduate from the Earth school, free to continue our service and evolution here or at another place in the universe. Connected with the law of reincarnation is the law of evolution, a basic universal law, which describes how every unit of consciousness evolves towards and strives for higher states of being, experience and self-expression. These two link with the law of Karma (or the law of cause of effect) which states that whatever any life unit sends out through its actions and thoughts, it will receive again - "as you sow you shall reap". These laws govern our personal lives as well as the life of cosmic, together with other cosmic laws such as the law of love, the law of mercy, the law of periodicity and the law of contrasts.

The Seven Rays
Another important part of theosophical teachings is the teaching about the seven rays. The Seven rays are divine intelligences or energies which permeate this solar system, emanating from the seven stars of Ursa Major (the Great Bear) and going to the seven stars in the Pleiades (the Seven Sisters). It is said that all living beings within this solar system is characterized by one or several of these rays and their qualities, for instance this solar system is a 2nd ray system (the second ray expresses the qualities of love and wisdom), while the planet Earth is a 3rd ray planet (active intelligence). Any person will have his personality on one of these 7 rays, and the personality again is a mixture of physical/etheric body, astral body and mental body, each of which has its own rays. Much can be said about a person's character, potentials and development problems from his rays, and therefore, the science of the 7 rays will form an important part of the psychology of the New Age. Within this field, a pioneer work has been done by Michael Robbins with his book "The Tapestry of the Gods", and also by Benjamin Creme who lists the ray structures of many famous people at the end of his books (Maitreya's Mission I - III).

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