10 ways to control your anger - Professional expert’s advice

I am really emotional and excitable person. I think that there are two types of anger: constructive anger and a destructive one. In order to understand the anger phenomenon I decided to investigate the nature of anger, reasons of its appearing, key factors and anger management.

What does it mean this anger? Anger is a strong indignation feeling of our emotional sphere that is attended by self-control losing. Anger is a signal of our state. Glands produce an array of hormones that have a great and deep effect on all our body. The main participants of this process are adrenaline and cortisol. They activate cardiovascular system and consequently all organs. Adrenalin causes fast heart beating, rising blood pressure. These rich oxygenated blood streams to the places are responsible for reaction. Thus some extra energy is released.

There are 4 basic ways of anger expressions:

1. Straight and immediately (verbally or nonverbally) to show your anger. It gives an opportunity to free from the negative emotions.

2. To express anger in an indirect way. In this case usually suffer persons that are weaker, not dangerous and those ones who “come to hand”, usually they are our family and close relatives. Thus we hurt our dear ones. One of the best ways is to express your anger to the person who is the source of this very anger. If it is impossible- better find some compromise.

3. Restraining anger you “drive” it deep inside. So, negative emotions store will provoke a big stress sooner or later.

4. You may foresee situation of anger feeling, try not to expand this feeling but get to know the reason, understand and solve it. A Roman philosopher Seneca said: “When you are feeling of ascending “volcano”- stand still, not doing anything- not speaking, not moving.”

Anger is a normal and natural human feeling, especially nowadays as life is really fast and we have a huge amount of information to accumulate (in comparison with our previous generations). The range of anger is rather wide: from a slight annoyance to impetuous fury. Anger can be quick and long, lasting for years in form of bitterness, vengeance or hate. Anger can lead to health issues like depression, high blood pressure, hearth diseases, stresses, alcohol dependence and obesity. If you are anger- express it. If you feel discomfort from these “negative splashes”- then we can give some techniques how to manage your emotional anger:

  • 1. Take a deep and continuous breath. Count up to 50 or imagine your aggressor just naked, only in socks. This will help you to calm and smile.

  • 2. Have a walk. Look at high sky. Continue to breathe deep and easily. So you appraise the situation and calm down.

  • 3. Do some physical exercises. When you are angry- your body is very tensed and tough. If you stretch your muscles it will relax your body, as you will spill out all your negative energy into action. Your brains will get more oxygen and it assists to clear your thoughts.

  • 4. Write down all your thoughts. Write down that you are mad and why. Avoid being rational, logical or laconic. Write on paper all you are feeling this moment. Try to write all in details. The function of this technique is to shift all your anger out of your head on paper.

  • 5. Be grateful. Find someone to thank. Do you not forget about yourself. Thank that you have woken up today, thank that that the Sun is shining for you, that the sky is blue and the grass is green.

  • 6. Prayer. Ask God to be with you during this anger moment and lead you.

  • 7. Meditation. Close your eyes, look into solar plexus, and be all your anger, breathing deeply.

  • 8. Change of places. Move yourself on your enemy’s place. And look at situation from his point of view. Better look at the situation from the ceiling. Focus on details, especially on funny and absurd ones. Strive to forgive your enemy as well as forgive truly yourself.

  • 9. Go back to your childhood memories. Recollect state when you were angry. Hug this child and say: “All is ok. I am here. You are good child. I love you and I will not leave you.”

  • 10. Your values. What is the most significant thing in your life? Who are the most important people in your life? What kind of person do you want to be? Think and accept that point that you are living your life, and you are living your values. There is a good man inside you that wants to help you. I wish you good luck!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spiritual Life Coaching: Shadow Projections

Ask yourself: What do I find distasteful, disgusting, or despicable in others? Do you find yourself pointing at others calling them derogatory names? Public figures that you despise will also be the target of shadow projections. Shadow Work Life Coaching can help you to realize that your emotion-based judgements are always shadow projections and are therefore rooted in unresolved trauma.

Think of a person with whom you despise for one reason or another. It could be a famous person or it could be someone close to you, like a friend or family member. Write the name of this person down. Now write down the qualities that disturb you the most about this person. What derogatory things do you say about them? Imagine that they are right in front of you. Point your finger at them and say the words out loud. Notice that three of your fingers will be pointing directly at you. This is what I call the recognition stage. This is when you begin to identify your own shadow projections.

After doing this, ask yourself, "What do I do to prove that I am not these terrifying things? Close your eyes and think hard. Perhaps you're accusing this person of being over-critical. Write down a time when you were over-critical toward another. Perhaps you're accusing him or her of being selfish or greedy. Now ask yourself, "When, where, or how have I been selfish or greedy?"

As you realize that you've been exhibiting the exact same negative aspects that you've been secretly hating in others, you will begin to consciously hate these aspects in yourself, as opposed to unconsciously hating them. That's good. This is the next stage. I call this the repulsion stage. The more you become repulsed, the better. In a sense, it's like vomiting up something that doesn't agree with your stomach. It's the psyche's natural way of getting rid of what is toxic. Eventually, these feelings of repulsion will fade away as you project less and less of your shadow onto others.

As you become aware of your own shadow projections, you will begin to accept them more in others, and in turn, accept them in yourself. This acceptance stage is the key to completely dissolving your shadow projections. At this point it is important to realize that it's perfectly okay and normal to have had negative feelings toward others because it has served as an impetus for healing and growth.

When you begin to become cognizant that you are "judging others," you will no longer truly be judging them. You cannot be both conscious and unconscious at the same time. You are either awake or asleep. This is the beginning of learning how to love others unconditionally, no matter how deeply they have hurt you. It is the third and final stage of awakening to your shadows, and when you'll be able to heal your unresolved trauma.

Shadow Work Life Coaching can help you to observe all of the negative qualities in yourself that you used to deem shameful in others, heal your repressed trauma, and put an end to your shadow projections. Personal Life Coach, Jason Lincoln Jeffers is the founder of The Art of Transformation, a company devoted to teaching Self Realization to the masses. His Personal Life Coaching program uniquely combines spiritual wisdom with ego transcendence, wellness coaching, life path astro-analysis, pain-body counseling, heart-brain manifestation, and relationship coaching.

Interpersonal Tension - How To Deal With This Using These Simple Methods

If you are having problems dealing with social stress, you are not by yourself because it is not unique to any one person. However, plenty of social anxiety levels exist. If you have a serious condition it can make many aspects of life painful. Fortunately, there are good treatments for social anxiety. This article will examine a few of these methods.

Your diet may have a part in the amount of stress that you experience. While changing what you eat may not be a complete cure for your problem, it can be helpful all the same. If your diet has plenty of stimulants such as sugar or caffeine, this will cause you to be anxious. Try to get rid of these things as much as you can. Also, make it a point to eat foods like veggies, proteins and carbs that will balance out your diet. If you mostly eat foods that have starch, this is the type of improper diet that can impact your metabolism and bring about symptoms of stress. Taking certain kinds of supplements like multivitamins are excellent for your nervous system and can help you.

One of the main reasons that people have social stress is that they actually think others are overly concerned with them, when in fact, that is not the case. If you can reduce this type of extreme self-consciousness, you can lower your level of social anxiety. When you're in social situations, whether talking to one other person or in a group setting, try to focus more on others and what's going on around you than on your own thoughts. As you listen to the conversations around you, interject something into the conversation as well. The stress that you feel, and how self-conscious you are, is a result of inward feelings and fixations.

If you suffer from social stress, another thing you should consider is how strong your personality is in comparison to those in your social group. People that are unable to deal with those that are close to them will not only feel bad every day, but will also hurt those around them. You will definitely be exploited unless you learn how to say no to these people. Your best bet for figuring out this problem is to rehearse saying "no" on a regular basis. In no time, it will become second nature to refuse the requests made by the same people you could not say "no" to before. The psychological issue is doing favors for people because you are afraid they won't like you if you say no. Your life, and your choices, are yours to make, something you should keep in mind as you learn how to stop helping these people every time they ask.

After you have finished reading this article, you should implement some of the techniques, especially if you feel anxiety in a crowd. Remember that every technique and strategy can be used in a slightly different way and modified for each person. In the end, you want to be self-assured and not afraid to deal with life, no matter what type of social stress you encounter.

Many people realize that doing paperwork may cause a lot of anxiety. In the current hectic surroundings, it's easy to fall behind. Being not too effective in typing can make it even more complicated. Why not consider benefiting from speech recognition software? Seek advice from your neighbourhood computer software shop for more details. To obtain the absolute best speech recognition computer software, you will need to acquire Dragon Naturally Speaking 10. To discover the reason why, make sure you check out the awesome Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 web site at this time.

Online Life Coaching - Healing the Primal Wound

The pain-body is a parasitical entity that feeds on emotional suffering such as anxiety, stress, and depression. It attaches itself to you at a specific time in childhood that I call "the primal wounding." This is a time when the ego becomes wounded because of some form of trauma. This traumatic event usually comes from a parent, sibling, or schoolmate.

As you develop into adulthood, the pain-body matures along with you because it will consistently attract to it more traumatic events that emulate the initial wounding. These subsequent traumas are not any less severe than the initial wounding. They may seem more severe, because you've been suffering for so long, but they aren't. They are only echoes of the trauma that you endured during your primal wound.

For example, let's say that you were abused by a step-father when you were six. This abuse then becomes the primal wounding. Your emotional body (in the right-brain), begins to identify itself with fear, pain, and anxiety. This would be the nascent stage of your pain-body. Then, when you begin school, you will naturally attract to you other "bullies" who will sense your pain-body and detect you as a "victim" of pain. This frequency is a perfect match for the predatory frequency of the bully. It's a hand-in-glove fit.

As you graduate from year to year, going up through middle school and high school, you may continue to attract to you more bullies that will beat you up, either physically or mentally, or both. When you begin your first relationship, you may also attract to you a partner who is psychologically and/or physically abusive as well. When you were six, you were helpless to escape the abuse from your stepfather and so the same dynamic will repeat itself when you enter into a long-term relationship. Even though you have the power to end the relationship, you probably won't -- at least not right away. You may even get married to this abusive person because your pain-body remembers that at needs to (at the very least) suffer through the same period of time that you suffered as a child. The abuse is so completely engrained, your pain-body will want to keep coming back for more pain.

Even when you manage to divorce that abusive person -- if you don't take the time to heal the pain-body -- you may attract yet another person who continues to abuse you, and repeat the early childhood trauma. Taking the time out to heal the pain-body completely is key. It is necessary for your inner peace, physical well-being, and happiness in life. A spiritual counselor can help you to become aware of your primal wound and heal it. Then, instead of asking, "Why does this keep happening to me?" You'll be asking, "What have I done to create this reality?" Personal Life Coach, Jason Lincoln Jeffers, is the founder of The Art of Transformation, a company devoted to teaching Spiritual Enlightenment to the world. His Personal Life Coaching program uniquely combines spiritual wisdom with self transcendence, holistic wellness coaching, life path astrology, pain-body counseling, heart-based manifesting, and relationship coaching.

Spiritual Counseling: Law of Manifesting

Abundance exists all around you; leaves on the trees, blades of grass in the fields, insects, birds, air, earth, water in the ocean, cells in your body, atoms in the cells, and on and on. In the world of form, there is unlimited abundance. So, there's no need to "create abundance" because, in truth, abundance is all there is. What you can do, however, is create abundance in the forms that you choose, such as financial income.

The key to manifesting abundance for yourself is to begin by identifying and being grateful for the abundance that is already in your life. Even if you are in dire straits, you can certainly be grateful for the air that you breathe through your lungs, for being alive, having your health, being able to walk, see, or hear. Simple things that we tend to overlook can be seen as abundance in our lives such as a having cup of tea and a sandwich for lunch. As you begin to be thankful for the abundance that already is, you will begin to naturally attract more abundance to you in the forms that you intend.

Manifesting abundance begins with a thought. Once the creative thought is determined, you'll want to add some positive, heart-based emotion to that thought just as you would water a germinated seed. For example, if your creative thought is to start a new business venture, then you'll want to be filled with excitement and joy at the possibility of making this simple thought a reality. That's the second step; emotion.

The third part of the manifesting equation is visualization. Begin and end each day by spending a few minutes in a quiet, meditative state where you are visualizing your new business grow, take off, and become a success. Visualize your customers or clients, and your interaction with them. Visualize your bank account increasing from $5,000 to $10,000 to $50,000 to $100,000 until you reach a number that you're happy with. Remember, when it comes to manifesting, the sky is the limit.

The fourth element in the manifesting equation is to take action. This begins by having a solid, practical, and organized plan to take your business from start to success. So, you'll want to begin writing down all of your ideas and then reviewing them. Goal-setting with dates is also very important. Make sure you separate short-term goals from long-term goals.

After these four steps are completed, you'll be ready to apply the fifth and most important step of the equation; belief. Without belief, the prior four steps will not matter. You have to believe in your creative thought in order for it to become your reality. This means not reacting or resisting to temporary failures or setbacks. Every new venture will always show signs of failure, usually on every major step of the way. Belief will allow your mind to stay focused on the here and now and not be deluded by what may or may not happen in the future. As long as your business is still up and running, you will always have the potential for success, no matter how bad things seem to be.

And so, the law of manifesting equations is as follows: thought + emotion + visualization + action + belief = manifested reality. Personal Life Coach, Jason Lincoln Jeffers, is the founder of The Art of Transformation, a company devoted to teaching Self Realization to the world. His Personal Life Coaching practice uniquely synthesizes ancient spiritual wisdom with ego transcendence, wellness coaching, predictive astro-analysis, pain-body counseling, heart-based manifestation, and relationship coaching.

Hungry Angry Lonely Tired And Prepared To Do Something About This Issue

By Mary Collins

Words that best describe me? Hungry Angry Lonely Tired. Those four words sum up all that goes through my mind day in and day out as a recovering alcoholic. I am hungry to explore the things I have missed during the 12 years I spent fighting alcohol, and am angry at the same time. I am lonesome as the pain is evident in those I hurt, and I'm so uninterested in feeling that way. Often it was like alcohol was the only real way to end the pain again, but I knew it wasn't the answer.

It had only been half a year since I decided I don't wanted alcohol in my life. The more time under the belt, the easier that it'll get. I am assured of that.

I recently made a decision to attend support groups twice per week. There are such a lot of great folks there who know exactly what I'm going thru. It looks that these are the nicest, most caring individuals I've ever met in my life, all who can relate to the Problems and the necessity to resort to alcohol any time difficulty finds its way. I also received a sponsor, who is always there, 24/7 when I need her. I feel so blessed.

It is hard when all of these feelings are tied up within you. It is only natural to want to resort back to what made you are feeling good. But I am too decrepid, and can't hide from the agony. You see where it has gotten me so far.

So now, I made the choice to seek out those around me for support, and it paid off. Fighting an obsession is an ongoing process that needs commitment and dedication, even years later. Thank the world that there are such great folk there to help. I couldn't have done it alone.

Leadership Prepare: What Makes a Great Leader?

People regularly wonder what makes a great leader. Are they made or are they born? Leadership training conventions have attempted to deal with this. This could spark up an entire debate and whatever your stand is on this, I'm sure that you. I'm certain you have some terribly acceptable reasons.

But what I believe is more crucial to debate in a leadership training is not whether some of us have innate command abilities or not. What's more significant are the traits or qualities of a great leader. These marks aren't something that you can just develop during the leadership training. It takes time to absolutely develop these abilities but on the other hand, knowing what these are would help you become a better leader.

Competitive: Every business has competition. There are some who've more than others but the point is, you have competition. If a business leader is competitive, he's going to stop at nothing to make sure that his business stays afloat. You need to understand that you can not just sit idly by and wish for the best. A good leader is pro-active.

Inspiring: Working in a professional and corporate environment can be very nerve-wrangling. An employee can lose faith or incentive at work for several reasons. But if their leader is someone they could look up to, they get even more enthusiastic about working and performing better.

Smart: The business is world is not for people who do not think. Each business is a dodgy business. There's no guarantee that a business will be successful unless the company's leader knows effective business techniques and mindsets.

Visionary: I have always believed that one of the simplest methods to success is when somebody has a vision. A goal. As a leader, you ought to have a clear vision of what you need for your company's future. The stronger and more clear-cut your vision is, the harder you can work to attain that end goal.

Increase Yourself Along with Gain More Skills

This could cover the call to establish, with your organization, various mechanisms that is certain to foster meaning behavior and enable individuals to find advice upon dilemmas, obtain support pertaining to difficult options etc. It could include:

The establishment from the structure and even process regarding advice supplying, which is not in the normal hierarchical romances between individuals. This must supply a focal issue (or points) just for enquiries / tips and support absolute privacy. It's continued is dependent upon a standing for trust.

You probably want to know things like how to learn different motivational tips or getting past procrastination. I fully understand this strategy seems simple on the subject of self-help but selecting overlooked, even though it is essentially the most powerful thing can be done to beginning changing your way of life right at present! Many people are prepared to complain on the subject of not buying what they want to gain in the lives but usually are not willing to consider the action to acquire exactly what lives want to.

If you're on the lookout to be positive then make a change to accomplish this. When you discover some tips or tips that can assist you become even more positive, want affirmations, and you think that in his or her ability for this - begin them on a regular basis and look at what comes of computer. Don't take into consideration how nice that could be to utilize them - just apply it!

On this page, we will likely review 7 personal improvement tips that after acted upon tends to make a profound difference during anyones daily life. You will have to be willing for making some adjustments before you will see all positive changes due to this fact in your daily routine. Personal development can be acquired by taking these suggestions to coronary heart and continue with aims of but not just wanting shift, but being happy to make variations happen.

If Own Development might be of interest to your account which surely it's always, or you actually wouldn't be here self improvement articles currently, then you can be on a consistent pursuit connected with trustworthy techniques that can assist you attain your existing development targets. Any suggestions which may put your own personal growth towards overdrive would be looked upon to be very welcome in your direction.

If you are researching for tips to guide you improve an individual's speaking style, here are generally some you will find invaluable.

Unwind. Being tensed may bring that high-pitched voice from your system, so consider some sleep exercises that may assist you ease which usually tension. Stretch a shoulders as well as your massage ones own chin plus your jaw muscles to relief tension inside those places. You are useful to having all these facial muscle tissue being tensed, but it may help you lots to create them more laid-back and contented.

Unlock Your Creativity With Music

Music has relaxing effect on our feelings that may help us generate new ideas. Studies have indicated that particular types of music can affect moods and creativity.

Our brain centres associated with emotive reaction are also linked to our ability to function creatively. Music has the potential to stimulate these brain centers and help us think of fresh ideas. Both music and creativity involve similar processes and features like intuition, abstract symbols, and holistic interpretations of info. Musical composition is a creative activity too. Given this connection between music and creativity, it is smart that music can help stimulate new ideas.

Studies have proven that Baroque music synchronizes brain waves at about sixty cycles per second, and this relaxed alpha state is linked with creative thinking. It's worth doing your own experiments by listening to different kinds of music to find out the effects it has on you when you are in different moods. If your energy is small, turning up the speakers and listening to rock music may get your brain cells sparking. If tension gets in the way of your creativity, you may benefit by using Solfeggio music scale or Gregorian chant.

Yot may even want to make a soundtrack for every one of your various creative activities. Soviet writer Boris Akunin told one day that before he begins writing, he plays 5 or 10 minutes of music to get into the right climate. To achieve a problem-solving mind-set, choose the second Solfeggio frequency, 417 Hz. There's an alternate way you are able to add music to your creativity toolbox: wait till you are in a creative mood naturally, then play Solfeggio album that strengthens the mood. Do this on two or three separate occasions, each time employing the same album. Afterward, if you do not feel creative but would like to, put on that music and it will produce the mood by organisation

Solfeggio music boosts cognitive skills and reasoning capacity, increases oral and other aspects of memory, improves concentration and self-expression. This kind of music considerably assist you in becoming more creative person.

Spiritual Life Coaching - A New Equation for the Law of Attraction

Our beliefs are the most powerful manifesting tool we have. Without belief, no amount of thought or emotion would be able to manifest as a single form. When we fail to believe in what we are attempting to create, we fail to create. It's that simple. The law of attraction does not work on thoughts alone, no matter what you've read or heard. It can't. Thoughts are only the beginning of the equation. The second part is emotion. Thoughts combined with emotions become very powerful indeed. But the third and most important part of the equation of creation is belief. And so summed up, the law of attraction equation is as follows:

Thoughts + Emotion + Belief = Reality

Now, since most people are unaware of the law of attraction, they are creating their own reality with a mixed bag of positive and negative emotions combined with frequent mind changes, or they simply give up on whatever it is they want to create. Once you decide on what you want, don't stop creating it simply because you don't see it manifest overnight, because it won't. Patience and persistence are also required to see your creation through to its desired result.

Creative thoughts, of course, are necessary to initiate an idea but that is only the first step. A metaphor for thought in the equation is much like the spark that ignites the fire. It's not the fire and it's not the fuel that burns the fire. It's just the initial spark. Your emotions, whether positive or negative, are also obligatory, but even thoughts combined with emotions are not enough to construct the reality that you intend. A metaphor for emotion in the equation is much like the paper or kindling you use to get the fire going. It's enough to expand the spark but certainly not enough to keep the fire steadily burning.

The true power of intention must be completed with the belief that you can create whatever it is your heart desires. And this is the final element in the equation for the law of attraction. Belief is like the logs that you put on your fire to keep it burning bright. Throw on some big logs on top of the kindling and see what happens. Now that's fuel for the fire!

Anything you can imagine is on the menu but the universe can only cook up what you've ordered. This means that negative thoughts combined with negative emotions combined with belief in those negative thoughts and emotions will be just as powerful at manifesting your reality as a positive-based equation. But of course, you would have to be unconscious to do such a thing. Unfortunately, most of humanity is doing this right now, both individually and collectively. The universe is simply serving to us precisely what we're ordering. It all begins with a thought. Then add emotion. Finish it off with belief. And there you have your reality. Positive or negative; the universe doesn't discriminate. But we have a choice. Personal Life Coach, Jason Lincoln Jeffers, is the founder of The Art of Transformation, a company devoted to teaching Spiritual Enlightenment to the world. His Personal Life Coaching program uniquely combines ancient spiritual wisdom with self transcendence, wellness coaching, predictive astro-analysis, pain-body counseling, heart-based manifestation, and relationship coaching.

Sweet Sayings for Fathers and Their Boys

Fathers and sons have a very special and unique bond. There are so many activities that they can participate in together for the son's very young age like Boy Scouts, camping, fishing, t-ball and little league. Each activity that a father and son does together is an opportunity for each to learn about the other and to also discover more about their own personal strengths and challenges. I have compiled a few father and son quotes below in honour of that special relationship that men share. In honour of my Dad and my brother, getting together this weekend, here are some father and son quotes:

"Dad taught me everything I know. Unfortunately, he didn't teach me everything he knows." Al Unser

"Blessed indeed, is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father!" Lydia M. Child

"The greatest gift I ever had Came from God; I call him Dad!" Unknown

'It's only when you grow up and step back from him―or leave him for your own home―it's only then that you can measure his greatness and fully appreciate it." M. Truman

"It's only when you grow up, and step back from him, or leave him for your own career and your own home-it's only then that you can measure his greatness and fully appreciate it. Pride reinforces love." -- Margaret Truman

"Small boy's definition of Father's Day: It's just like Mother's Day only you don't spend so much." -- Unknown

I think these are some terrific father and son quotes and every time I read them, they make me smile. I hope you enjoyed reading them, too, and if you did, feel free to pass them on or jot one of these quotes down in a card to your own Dad to brighten his day. Want to find out more about motivational words, then visit Kathy Smith's site and get some great congratulations quotes for your needs.

History of Singapore Intellectual Mathematics

Singapore Mental Arithmetic is another term for the famous Singapore Maths. Naturally, in the country, Singapore Mat is well, just called, mathematics.

Singapore is actually known for having the best mathematics curriculum than most states. To offer you a better idea of how this came to be, here's a short lived history of Singapore Mathematics.

A huge amount of Western states are taking major interest in the way mathematics is taught in Singapore due to how effective this system actually is.

Initial Stage of Singapore Mental Arithmetic

The evolution of Singapore Mental Arithmetic started in 1998 when the 1st first arithmetic curriculum was developed by the Curriculum Development Institute of Singapore (also known now as Curriculum Planning & Development Institute of Singapore).

In this stage, the curriculum was centered on giving youngsters a more clear knowledge of different maths concepts and content.

The second revision of the curriculum happened at roughly 1992 where problem fixing was give more importance to.

By 1999, the Ministry of Education of Singapore commissioned a new rule to cut back the arithmetic curriculum to provide more initiatives or collusion from teachers. Logic and technology were diffused in the curriculum to be sure that youngsters may be able to stay abreast of the changing world. Latest Singapore Psychological Mathematics

In 2001, Singapore Mathematics undergone another change, this time, it was centered in changing and making enhancements to the varied teaching methods, learning approach and assessment mode.

Until now, there are many changes in Singapore faculties ' curriculum. All are focused on enhancing the talent of arithmetic in youngsters.

The numerous thing about the way mathematics is taught in Singapore is it is really focused on learning the fundamentals first before heading off to other subjects.

Psychological Mathematics Lessons

Maybe one of the most helpful capabilities that anybody can develop, mental mathematics has been used by many alternative people to do better in mathematics. Sometimes, there are some psychological mathematics systems that you won39;t even know you are doing.

A few people often wonder whether it would be redundant to enrol a young child in psychological mathematics class when the schools are teaching maths in that method.

In Singapore, psychological arithmetic lessons are extremely important as the undoubted fact it is part of the curriculum would imply that there would be more competition in school and at work.

When you enrol your kid in a psychological arithmetic class, you'd be certain that they could be getting more info about mental mathematics techniques. This would just mean that if your youngsters are joined up to a mental arithmetic class, they might gain more knowledge on the subject of it.

In simple language non-public psychological mathematics lessons will take your kid from being a noob to being an expert.

Spiritual Life Coaching: Stop Attracting Bullies Into Your Life

Spiritual Life Coaching with Pain-Body Work can provide you with the tools you'll need to heal your pain-body and stop attracting bullies into your life. Bullying demonstrates many pain-body aspects, including hatred, intolerance, anger, obsession, and harassment.

Between the ages of six and ten, my stepfather would use the switch of a willow tree or a two-by-four to "discipline" me. I never became a bully myself, but I did become a victim of bullying. Every school year, from the third grade until my junior year in high school, I was verbally harassed, picked on, or physically abused by other boys in school. And even though I changed schools three times (because we moved as a family), that didn't matter. It also didn't help that I was two years younger than many of my fellow classmates and therefore always physically smaller.

The pain-body predator always requires a pain-body prey to feed on. The predator and prey pain-bodies, therefore, become a hand-in-glove fit for one another in the duality energy exchange of each bully attack. Even though I never retaliated my pain onto another during all those years in school, the pain from my primal trauma remained heavily imprinted inside my emotional body. As a result, I unconsciously projected my anger and fear outwardly. That energy imprint is what attracted the bullies to me. Fear energy can only attract like fear energy. This is called the law of attraction.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, resulting in about 4400 deaths in the U.S. per year. A study in Britain found that at least half of suicides among young people are related to bullying, and that 10 to 14-year-old girls may be at a higher risk. According to the Pacer Center for bullying prevention, one in three students between the ages of 12 and 18 have been either taunted, pushed, shoved, tripped, or spit on, and about 160,000 students in the U.S. miss class each day just to avoid bullies. Bullies demonstrate the aspect of the pain-body that gleans pleasure out of hurting others.

The saying goes, "Sticks and stones may be break my bones but names can never hurt me." Well, teen movie star and singer, Demi Lovato disagrees. In fact, she dropped out of public school to become home-schooled just because of bullying. The verbal abuse that she endured for years prompted her to finally draw the line and protect herself. Demi told us about her suffering in a September 7, 2010 CNN interview, saying, "There were things that were said that still affect me...and cause problems for me that I suffer with to this day..." Demi said that she overcame her abuse by putting all her energy into the things that she loves rather than fighting back. She admitted that it was very difficult to overcome and turn the other cheek.

Just as a physical punch is energy released and received, a verbal punch is energy released and received. The verbal attacks from bullies are just as detrimental as a physical attack because the victim will echo that verbal message a million times in their head, over and over again, for years on end. This negative reinforcement is what the pain-body "feeds on."

Over time, it may become too unbearable for the victim to live inside of their own body, because they are in pain all of the time. This incessant pain is why so many pain-bodies drive their hosts to suicide. Pain-Body Work by a Spiritual Life Coach can help the bully victim to become fully conscious of their own pain-body and subsequently transcend it. Personal Life Coach, Jason Lincoln Jeffers is the founder of The Art of Transformation, a company devoted to teaching Self Realization to the world. His Personal Life Coaching practice uniquely synthesizes spiritual wisdom with self transcendence, holistic wellness coaching, predictive astrology, pain-body counseling, heart-based manifestation, and relationship coaching.

Speed Learning Techniques for Reading Long Documents

Whether or not you are a self-confessed bookworm or a student made to read hundreds of pages of case studies, you want to learn a few speed learning strategies. More precisely, you will find out more about different speed learning techniques for reading.

Now, these 2 speed learning techniques must not be misconstrued as speed reading. Although of course, in some ways, these are related with speed reading. But these speed learning techniques are particularly useful and effective for having the ability to read more things quickly while understanding them too.

In this post, we'll talk about the fundamentals of speed scanning and speed skipping.

Speed Scanning

When you're talking about speed scanning as speed learning technique, it's actually functioning like your very own "preview tools" because when you speed scan- the right away- you would have a better and more clear understanding of what it is that you are about to read.

Speed learning techniques like speed scanning is an excellent way to activate your cortex. With speed scanning, it's like you are telling your cerebral cortex that you're going to be inputting new information really soon- so that the brain has to be ready.

When you're doing this speed learning system, you want to go looking for the press releases, the chapter names and other key concepts and ideas. Do not target the words itself but on the concepts on the concepts.

Naturally, it is tough to do that (look for concepts and concepts) so if you are still new to this speed learning technique; a tip is to concentrate on the beginning and ends of paragraphs. This could make you have got an idea of what the book or document is all about. And when you really start to read the article, it'd be easier for you to grasp it.

Speed Skipping

O.K, speed skipping is a term that I use to explain something that we all did when we were kids and we are faced with an exam paper- skipping what's tough to understand.

When you're coping with text and you would like to do so in the velocity learning demeanour, you have got to skip words, sentences or paragraphs that don't make sense to you- yet. When you do this, you will be able to dig more deeply into that subject matter. At the end, you will find some info that you might connect with that phrase or sentence that did not seem sensible to you.

There are numerous speed learning systems out there today and I'm sure that majority of the people searching for these strategies want to be well placed to read more and faster. And if you always keep in mind and master these speed learning techniques, you'll be able to do just that. Find out more about Speed Learning Techniques by going to my Super Speed Learning for Kids web site

Tips For A Professional Life Coaching Expert

There are few people who gain delight from writing, other people obtain pleasure from playing football and for some others pleasure comes in the form of assisting other people. It is extremely important for you to look out for some assistance to resolve your problems if you are a celebrity who feels that most of the aspects of your life are not as satisfactory as you expected. Going to a different person and being open to them regarding your life can be an unsettling experience for many so always make sure that you are comfortable with the expert that you are working with.

Professional life coaching is a phenomenon that surfaced in the recent decade when people started to understand how sad they were with their lives. Few people were sad with their relationships, other people were unhappy about their careers; others doubted if they were utilizing all that they were capable of. The stress of daily life can prove to be hectic but for few people, it can be something that haunts them in their dreams. Managing your children can be menacing too, particularly if you are unsure of yourself and there can be catastrophic implications if you do something wrong.

There is no way of being sure that your life is a bed of roses but there are some measures that you can take to have a better chance of living a long and mentally healthy life. Difficulties can come up in almost each and every aspect of your life and no matter how different those elements are, the key is always the one and the same: you. Learning about what your heart wants can be really hard because we grew up thinking through our brains. Cynicism and heavy handed pragmatic practices have bereaved us of the capability of listening to ourselves. It is only when we question ourselves when undergoing professional life coaching that we learn precisely how shallow some of our principles are and what kind of initiative is needed for us to have a better life philosophy.

In professional life coaching, it is crucial that you work with an apt coach for the reason that the role of your coach here is not that of your conventional mentor. Instead of just telling you what to do, you will be expected to act on your own in certain scenarios that will be stimulated by your coach. With professional life coaching, the goal is to realize what you have been doing wrong rather than just memorizing it.

Only with the help of intense counseling can your downsides dawn on you, and only then will you able to reduce the difficulties in your life. For more information on life coaching and to know if you have got what it takes to become a life coach, you can visit the website http://www.thecoachinginstitute.com.au

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Spiritual Life Coaching - Healing the Emotional Pain-Body

As the egoic mind begins to identify with a sense of self that is emotionally arrested in childhood, the pain-body energy will intensify. This trauma gets continually re-triggered every single time the pain-body justifies its existence by identifying with its wounded self. It's as if the pain-body says, "I have been hurt by others and therefore I deserve to be angry."

And so the pain-body is an energy field that re-experiences itself through negative emotions such as victimization, oppression, and a deep-seated, subconscious fear of impending doom. These feelings get reinforced and substantiated by the re-occurring situations that frequently arise as a result of the pain-body's ability to attract to it its own like energy. A typical pain-body host will consistently relive the very same emotions that became blocked during the forming of its childhood primal wound. In simpler words, these hosts are emotionally stuck in the past.

So the next step after you identify the childhood trauma is to work toward getting yourself "unstuck." Now, as you bring in the power of presence and bring in a higher awareness into the pain-body, it can no longer trick you into completely identifying with it. When you can observe the pain-body arising you will want to practice recognizing it as a separate entity, a separate energy field. You will see it as being not who you are. That is the beginning of your liberation from it.

Recognizing the pain-body when it becomes active in whatever form is crucial. With some, the pain-body exhibits a more active, aggressive-like pain, in other persons it is a passive form of victim-like pain such as with those with "Poor Me Syndrome." There may be a tenseness or constriction in the muscles and so you will want to become aware of that. Or there may be a burning or tightness in the solar plexus or abdomen and so you become aware of that. Some may become consumed with rage is if they're whole body was set on fire.

We are not fighting the pain-body or trying to eliminate it. That will only empower it. It tried fighting my pain-body for years by "attacking it" with a variety of diets, treatments, an enduring a series of physiological and psychological examinations, all in a desperate attempt to "get rid of" my chronic illness. But resistance the pain didn't work. My pain-body didn't begin to dissolve until I completely surrendered to it. It's as if you say, "Well, this is the way it is. And therefore I honor and respect that." Only by practicing the power of presence can you successfully bring an end to the pain-body.

So by becoming a silent witness to the pain as it begins to take over your body, you are already beginning to transcend it and work toward its dissolution. Working in one-on-one sessions with an online spiritual life coach can be very helpful for you as you allow your pain-body to dissolve on its own volition by becoming aware of it as it resurfaces.

Leadership Training: the Effective Head

You'll find out in leadership training that the way ahead for any business is enormously dependent on correct leadership and management. Team leaders and CEOs are the people that should set the goals and implement the strategies needed to realize those goals.

A company's immediate and future performance is, to a certain amount, a leadership issue.

Naturally, the talent and team work of the staff come at play too but unless they've a great leader to tell them what to do and the way to do it, their talent and friendship will be put to waste.

And you do not want that, right?

A leader is a member of a team or an organisation who creates and relays goals and make sure that these are implemented effectively and accurately.

Leaders are also given the possibility and responsibility to induce and motivate folks. They should know the way to cope with others and know what will make them happy and satisfied at the workplace.

Ideally, leaders are the top performers in a firm. Except for having great communication and people abilities, they should have good technical abilities also.

In a huge way, leadership coaching is also a way to develop one's self. Personal development is important in running a business or leading a team. You need to be always at your best because other people rely on you.

Obviously, when you go to a leadership coaching convention, you need to put attention on private development. When you grow, your team grows too.

Now, there are lots of things that you will need to find in a leadership training relating to your personal growth:

- What your targets must be.
- How to achieve those goals.
- The right way to communicate clearly and efficiently.
- Why you need to plan in advance.
- Learn what you want to prioritize.
- How you can attract constructive energy.

Public Speaking Tips - The Importance Of Audience Contact

Although speaking in public is really a monologue of sorts, this monologue is addressed to a ready, able and receptive audience who wants to learn from you as much as you want to learn from them.

If it is listened to, then speaking in public would be more effective. To maintain that necessary contact with the audience, here are some effective tips to consider.

Don't forget to greet them

A few minutes prior to your actual speaking engagement, try walking around the venue and familiarize yourself with the people who will be listening to you. Give the people and the attendees a warm greeting as they arrive. Rather than trying to deliver a speech to a bunch of anonymous faces, it would be so much easier to deliver it to a group of people whom you consider as friends.

Being positive

The truth is, people expect and they want you to succeed. Audiences want to be as informed, stimulated and entertained as they could be. If you do fail, then they will cringe with you. Succeed and your audience benefits just as well from your great speaking performance.

There is nothing to be sorry about

Avoid expressing your apologies to any problems you think may exist about your speech or your speech delivery or mention to the audience that you are nervous because if you do, then you may be setting them up to focus on whatever you are apologizing for. It isn't necessary to mention this to them because it's possible they haven't noticed this until you brought it up. Relax and be silent. Your audience will relax with you.

You need to establish eye contact

Try connecting with your audience and appear natural. It would be better if be as natural as you can be without overdoing it. Getting the audience to nod their heads as an acknowledgement of what you are trying to convey is what you should be able to do. Make sure you don't breeze through your speech. Pausing for a while or for a brief moment is a must especially at those points that you want to emphasize. You can also consider this a good time to establish eye contact with your attendees and you can also catch that much needed breath.

Avoid debating

If an audience expresses disagreement with any part of your message during the question and answer part of your speaking engagement, you don't have to aggressively prove your point to him or her. The fact is a debate, aside from being just a futile means to get your point across, could just as well never be resolved. If you want to get that attendee to talk with you, make sure it's after your speaking engagement and not during. Join artist Caroline Jasper to learn water painting tips in this detailed DVD

Speed Learning Techniques - Self Managed Learning

Learning and education has long been a right for every person. Learning different speed learning techniques is a privilege.

But with the rate of change that we are experiencing in the office, in the high-school system and our need for self-growth, getting a grip on some speed learning techniques starts to be a responsibility that we owe to ourselves.

Now, self-managed learning is the idea of being responsible for your own learning. You see, unless you accept accountability for your own lessons and need to learn, it isn't relevant what speed learning techniques you discover, you will not be able to enjoy the countless benefits.

Learning Phases

Most people do majority of their learning when they're young. Actually studies and statistical data shows the human brain absorbs and processes the most information in the first eight years of their lives.

A child's brain is really like a sponge. They absorb loads of info faster than adults.

During this stage, a person's mind just soaks up and retains any info that it can get. There is no ability yet that would determine which of them are helpful and which of them are not. Speed learning techniques can teach an individual how to do that.

Now, about the age of sixteen, an individual goes from learning the basics into copying people.

At 21, our ability to learn new thing drops stupendously. And as a person grows older, the harder it becomes for them to learn and remember new info.

Self-Managed Learning

Speed learning techniques all differ in outcome, difficulty and effectiveness. But the one thing that they all have in common is it is worthless if you do not accept accountability for it.

Self-managed learning is when you take full responsibility for your lessons- from start to end and highs and lows. And what makes self-managed learning perfect for speed learning techniques is that it promotes continuous and unending learning.

Speed learning techniques aren't all easy to understand so you certainly would have to have the tolerance to deal with your lessons.

Now, one of the key ideas in self-managed learning is that you wish to have a purpose when you study different speed learning techniques. This is named purposive learning.

Purposive learning is precisely what the term sounds like: learning for a purpose.

We all live different lives and we have many different reasons for doing what we do. When you study speed learning techniques, I'm sure that you are doing this to be better at something- at work, at home or personally.

You have to learn with a really clear end result to what or how the lessons will provide benefits to you. Speed learning techniques aren't there just and solely for the sake of learning. You need to keep under consideration that these speed learning techniques must teach you alternative ways to enhance your current state.

Learning is something you shouldn't just leave to chance or to fate. You should choose for yourself and take responsibilities for each and every one of your actions.

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Using Accelerated Learning to Achieve Your Goals

We all should have goals in life, generally our goals are related to our work and career, but often those goals appear to be unachievable to us and we are not quite sure why and if we're getting it wrong. This typically occurs if the goals are not obviously outlined. You need to clearly outline the outcome that you would like to attain and that will help you work out the simplest way to reach it.

The Accelerated Learning programme could help you attain your goals faster with the secrets that are employed in this programme to teach you how to hone in on the specifics you need to learn and make maximum use of the time you spend learning, giving you results much faster than another way.

You also have to focus and know what you're going to get out of the learning you are preparing to start. This turns on part of your mind called the Reticular Activating System which allows your subconscious mind to find the exact data you want. Learning the information only that you will need and not a complete bunch of unnecessary data lets you learn faster and more efficiently, because you're not overloading your mind with data that you don't need.

Think of learning like you're making a map, you're adding piece by piece to it. You have to know how precise your map needs to be, so how far you want to drill down into particular bits of info and how broad other pieces of info should be.

You want to start having a look at your learning as though it was an investment and you will need to work out your investment return. How much time and effort are you ready to invest and will it give you your required end result? These are all parts of the preparation process of learning this way. When you have your outcome clearly outlined and set, you then move on to the very next step of inputting the info you wish to know.

One of the swiftest ways of inputting data is photo reading. The accelerated learning system teaches you how to input this information to be well placed to comprehend what you are absorbing and be able to recollect it later with ease. This kind of inputting can also be done with videos, audio's, as well as books.

These are just the first steps of the preparation and inputting process of this type of learning methodology.